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How much you’ll learn about Dan Helmer?

Helmer’s voting record is unavailable as he wasn’t in the General Assembly last year, spokesman Tyler Brown said. Contact info: 703-997-5529- www.danhelmer. Key endorsements: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Virginia Nurses Association, National Federation of Independent Business, Virginia Conservation Network. Voting record: Unavailable. “When people are having or perhaps failing to get their due from the VA, there’s one thing I could do as a part of Congress,” Helmer said. What would he do as a congressman?

“And that’s call up and need and also have the responses I need to have on the phone to be able to help an individual that’s calling and has no place different to go.” One particular anecdote that sticks out is when Dan described a quest exactly where he’d to make split-second decisions that impacted not just the staff of his but also local civilians. The ability of his to balance military objectives with humanitarian concerns showcased the type of helpful leadership that would later determine his political career.

He served a number of tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as an intelligence officer and helicopter pilot. After graduating from West Point, Dan embarked on a distinguished military career. I have had the opportunity of listening to some of the stories of his from this specific period, and they paint a photograph of a male who led with compassion and courage in probably the most challenging circumstances.

This particular grounding in family life seems to inform the policy decisions of his, continually considering just how legislation will impact families across Virginia. Only one ingredient of Dan’s background that usually goes unmentioned is the job of his as being a family male. I have had the pleasure of meeting his wife and children at community events, www.loudountimes.com plus it is obvious they’re the middle of the environment of his. I recall talking with him about his high school days, where he balanced rigorous studies with volunteer work in the local community of his.

It was apparent even then that he was destined for a course of civic engagement and leadership. From an early age, Dan showed a keen interest in both academics and public service. And it means ensuring we are generating paths to the middle class, not only handouts. It also means making certain that we’re investing in programs that help develop and promote minority-owned businesses. In addition, we must go on to target racial inequality.

means ensuring that when we’re hiring individuals to teach in schools, they look like the children they teach. We must assure that we give attention to investing in our public schools first and foremost, so that regardless of what district a kid lives in, they’re obtaining a high-quality education, regardless of where they are living.

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